What is a driver cage?

A driver cage is located at the Shipping and Receiving dock area of a warehouse or distribution center. They are made up of wire panels, slide up windows, doors, various lock types, and optional ceiling panels.

2-3 Reasons to Add a Driver Cage

  1. Prevent unauthorized visitors
  2. Reduce theft
  3. Avoid injury

The days of “just walking in the back door” seem to be over. With tighter restrictions in place, a driver cage is the perfect solution if you are looking to monitor building access. Visitors wandering around an unfamiliar warehouse with material handling equipment present is not a good idea. Limit the number of unnecessary injuries by keeping visitors in one location.

Quick ship is available and each driver cage can be fully customizable based on your requirements.

If you need to add a driver cage to your facility, give us a call or request a quote. If you know what you want, simply fill out the form below with the size you are looking for and we’ll send a quote your way!

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