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So far in 2021, the most inquired-about product for us has been wire partitions. What appears to most as just a wire panel can be used as a solution for so many problems.

We want to highlight a few projects we are working on that show the flexibility of Husky EZ Wire. More pictures to follow!

1) 400+ linear ft. of 10’ tall EZ Wire to secure a MRO warehouse. The project includes several doors, separate rooms, slide up windows, and even two 14’ sliding doors. The project also includes fixed wire back panels for selective rack to ensure the material stays secure in the rack.

2) 8’ x 8’ driver cage for shipping and receiving area.

3) Telescoping fence (on caster wheels) securing goods in standard pallet rack. Used for the same purpose of a standard hinge door, but quicker access and more room for forklifts to operate.

4) 30 double storage lockers for a room located in a parking structure at an apartment complex.

A few other common applications for wire partitions: machine guarding, storage rooms, and any other area where you are trying to reduce theft or foot traffic.

Reliability and easy installation make it a favorite for end users and installation crews.

If you have similar applications in your facility, reach out to our team and we will determine what configuration would be best for your specific need.

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