Drive-In Racking

Drive-in racking is a popular storage system that maximizes warehouse space and improves efficiency. This system allows forklift operators to drive directly into the racking system and stack pallets on top of each other. 

Unlike other storage systems, drive-in racking eliminates the need for aisles between racks, resulting in increased storage density and space utilization.

To be the most efficient when designing or thinking about using drive racking, you must have High Volume and Low SKU count (a lot of the same product). 

The efficiency of drive-in racking can be attributed to its ability to reduce the time and effort required to store and retrieve products. The system allows forklift operators to access pallets from both sides of the rack, reducing the need for multiple forklifts and personnel. The system’s design enables pallets to be stacked higher than other systems, increasing storage capacity and reducing the need for additional floor space.

The system's ability to store large quantities of products in a small area makes it an ideal storage solution for businesses looking to expand their operations without incurring additional real estate costs.

Side Note: If SKU Volume is high enough, it probably makes more sense to automate. A Pallet Shuttle or Pallet Runner system may be the better option. We have another blog post coming out soon that highlights the benefits of these systems and will be sure tag it here. But in the meantime, this video does a great job of doing so:


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