Automation: A Faster, Safer, and More Efficient Warehouse

Streamline, Optimize, and Grow With Automation in Your Warehouse

Warehouse automation is the solution to streamline tasks like sorting, picking, and packing, ensuring your operations are always consistent and efficient. If you're seeking to reduce errors, enhance safety, and expand with ease, this blog will reveal how automation can revolutionize your warehouse.

Get More Done, Faster

Think of automation as a workforce that never clocks out. It's always ready to go, whether it's early morning or the middle of the night. When automated systems handle tasks like sorting, picking, and packing, they're not just quick—they're consistent. This constant flow of work helps you meet deadlines, keeps your customers happy, and ultimately increases your warehouse's productivity. With automated solutions, there's no need to worry about breaks or downtime. The result? Shorter lead times and a more efficient operation that runs like a well-oiled machine.

Cut Down on Mistakes

People make mistakes, and that's normal. But in a warehouse, even small errors can lead to big headaches, like misplaced inventory or incorrect orders. Automated systems, however, are designed for precision. They track and manage inventory with laser-like accuracy, reducing the chance of human error. With automated systems, you can be confident that the right products are getting shipped to the right places every time. This level of accuracy helps to boost customer satisfaction and minimize costly returns. It's a win-win: fewer errors for you, and fewer disappointments for your customers.

Kardex AutoStore: Automation at Its Best

A prime example of warehouse automation's potential is Kardex AutoStore, the fastest order fulfillment system per square foot in the market. Operated by autonomous robots moving on top of an aluminum cubic grid, this system allows for efficient picking and packing without manual labor. Stacked storage bins within the grid are continuously picked up, rearranged, and delivered to connected ports for quick and accurate order processing. This design not only streamlines workflow but also maximizes storage density, offering up to four times the inventory capacity of traditional systems. Check out video description below to learn more about Kardex AutoStore.

Save Big Bucks

Automation is a significant investment, but it's also a cost-saving powerhouse. When you automate, you can reduce the size of your workforce, lowering your labor costs. Automated systems also minimize errors, which means less wasted product and fewer returns, saving you money in the long run. Additionally, with automation handling repetitive tasks, your employees can focus on more complex and valuable activities. This shift can increase productivity and create a more engaged workforce. Overall, the cost savings from automation can be a major boost to your bottom line.

Keep It Safe

Safety is a top priority in any warehouse, and automation can help. Automated systems can take over dangerous tasks like heavy lifting or handling hazardous materials, reducing the risk of workplace injuries. This not only protects your employees but also lowers your workers' compensation costs. With fewer accidents and a safer work environment, you'll foster a healthier workplace culture. Plus, automation can help you comply with safety regulations, giving you peace of mind knowing you're keeping your warehouse as safe as possible.

Grow With Ease

As your business grows, so do your warehousing needs. Automation offers the scalability you need to keep up with demand without significant additional labor. Automated systems can be expanded or reconfigured as your business evolves, providing flexibility and adaptability. This means you can scale your operations without the stress of hiring and training a lot of new employees. Automation gives you the freedom to focus on growth and innovation, knowing that your warehouse can handle the increase in volume without breaking a sweat. If you need to retool or adjust your setup, automated systems can easily adapt, making it easier to stay agile in a changing market.


At Two3, we're excited about what automation can do for your warehouse. Whether you're looking to boost efficiency, cut costs, enhance safety, or scale your operations, we're here to help. If you're ready to take your warehouse to the next level, reach out to us!



  1. What is warehouse automation, and how does it work? Warehouse automation uses technology to automate tasks like picking, sorting, packing, and inventory management. It involves robotic systems, conveyor belts, automated guided vehicles (AGVs), and software for coordinating activities.
  2. What are the main benefits of automating a warehouse? Automation boosts efficiency, reduces labor costs, improves accuracy, enhances safety, and provides scalability. It streamlines operations, reduces errors, and allows warehouses to handle more work consistently.
  3. Is automation suitable for all types of warehouses? Automation's suitability depends on factors like warehouse size, product variety, order volume, and budget. An assessment is needed to determine the best automation approach for a specific warehouse.
  4. What is the typical cost of implementing warehouse automation? Costs vary widely, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of dollars, depending on the level of automation and the warehouse's size. However, the investment often leads to long-term savings in labor and improved productivity.
  5. How can automation improve warehouse safety? Automation reduces the need for employees to perform hazardous tasks, lowering the risk of workplace injuries. It can also help with compliance by providing a safer, more controlled work environment.


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