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Pallet Racking - Aisle Width Requirements

The most common storage solution in the industry.

You see pallet racking in most applications because of the flexibility and relatively low cost.   

Upright frames and beams come in a variety of sizes in order to meet capacity requirements. 

Single deep selective rack gives you the freedom to select any given pallet at any time. The width of each aisle depends on the type of material handling equipment being used.  

Assuming a standard 48” pallet, here are the basic aisle requirements.  

  • Sit Down Forklift (11-13 ft.) 
  • Reach Trucks (8-10.5 ft.) 
  • VNA (6 ft. or less) 

We can help you decide what forklift would be best for your application. It is imperative to design your entire system around the storage solution AND equipment being used. Forklifts seem to be the last thought in most cases.

If you are wanting to design a new warehouse or looking to optimize space in your current facility, we’d love to be a part of it!

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