Upright Frames - Are they anchored?

The answer should be…YES

We’ve all seen at least one video of a complete warehouse collapse. The most common cause is lack of awareness from forklift operators.

Are there ways to avoid a total warehouse collapse?

Some solutions that come to mind may be automating your forklift fleet to eliminate human error, or installing post protectors and end of row guards. Although both are great solutions, let’s make sure we have the fundamentals taken care of first. Let’s ask this question:

Are your upright frames anchored to the ground?

According to RMI’s ANSI MH16.1-2012 all base plates must be anchored with “anchor bolts.” The main reason is pretty simple: so the racks don’t fall down. There is nothing worse than watching those videos and seeing the domino effect play out, one rack falling after the other...

If you answered NO, give us a call today 414-436-9430.

We will come onsite to evaluate your current setup and provide materials and labor to get your upright frames anchored. The solution may just be a combination of anchoring upright frames and possible rack repair. 

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