Vertical Lift Module - It's like a vending machine for small parts.

A vertical lift module is like an oversized vending machine for small part storage. It’s another solution that drastically reduces travel time and optimizes space.

VLM's can be integrated with your ERP or WMS and offers several features to boost productivity.

One feature is the LogiPointer. When the tray is presented, a laser will point directly at the part needing to be picked, speeding up the order and increase picking accuracy.

A few questions to ask yourself when considering a VLM:

  • Do you have multiple order pickers manually storing and retrieving small parts out of pallet rack or shelving?
  • Are they traveling long distances throughout your facility?
  • Do you have available clear height above?
  • Are you looking to increase picking efficiency and speed?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, we can do the analysis with you to see if a VLM would be a good fit. The right answer may just be another small parts solution. 

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