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Fire Extinguisher Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouses 18"

Fire Extinguisher Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouses 18"

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18" Fire Extinguisher Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouses 


Size and Visibility

  • Immediate Identification: The decal's 18-inch size and striking design ensure that the location of fire extinguishers is immediately noticeable, facilitating quick access in emergency situations.
  • Critical Safety Marker: Strategically placed, this decal acts as a constant visual cue, reinforcing the importance of knowing the location of fire safety equipment.

Application Areas

  • Strategic Placement: Ideal for use near fire extinguishers stationed throughout the facility, especially in areas where they may not be immediately visible or are tucked away.
  • Universal Safety Enhancement: A vital addition to any area, enhancing safety awareness and preparedness across various environments including offices, manufacturing floors, and storage areas.

Adhesive Quality

  • Robust, Permanent Adhesive: Features a durable peel-and-stick adhesive that securely affixes the decal to the floor, ensuring it withstands foot traffic and remains prominently in place.
  • Flexible Application: The adhesive is designed for compatibility with a wide range of flooring types, allowing for effective placement in key locations throughout any facility.

Material Durability

  • High-Quality Vinyl Construction: Manufactured from durable flexible vinyl, this decal is designed to endure the everyday demands of busy environments, maintaining its visibility and integrity over time.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: Includes an anti-slip surface treatment to enhance safety, preventing slips and falls near the decal and contributing to a safer overall environment.

Installation Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation: Ensure the floor area is thoroughly cleaned of any debris, dust, and moisture. A completely dry surface is essential for optimal decal adhesion.

  2. Decal Placement: Carefully peel the decal from its backing and choose a location that optimizes visibility and access to the fire extinguisher.

  3. Secure the Decal: Press the decal onto the floor, starting from the center and working your way outwards to eliminate air bubbles. Use hands, a credit card, or a squeegee to ensure a smooth application and firmly secure the edges.

  4. Promoting Emergency Preparedness: This decal serves as an invaluable tool in emergency preparedness, guiding individuals to the nearest fire extinguisher quickly and efficiently, thereby enhancing the overall safety of your facility.

Incorporating the 18" Fire Extinguisher Floor Decal into your safety and emergency response strategy not only highlights the importance of quick access to fire extinguishers but also demonstrates a commitment to maintaining a safe and prepared workplace. Its durable design and easy installation make it an essential addition to any space prioritizing safety and emergency readiness.

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