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Forklift Traffic Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouse Safety 18"

Forklift Traffic Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouse Safety 18"

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18" Forklift Traffic Floor Decal for Warehouse Safety


Size and Visibility

  • Prominent Alert: The 18-inch diameter and bold graphics ensure that the forklift traffic warning is clearly visible, even from a distance, alerting pedestrians to the presence of forklift operations.
  • Effective Safety Cue: Strategically placed, this decal acts as a constant reminder for individuals to stay alert and adhere to safety protocols in areas frequented by forklifts.

Application Areas

  • Operational Zones: Perfect for marking areas with heavy forklift activity, such as loading docks, warehouse aisles, and crossing points, to minimize the risk of collisions and injuries.
  • Enhanced Traffic Management: An essential tool for delineating forklift lanes from pedestrian pathways, contributing to a more organized and safer work environment.

Adhesive Quality

  • Strong, Permanent Adhesive: Comes with a robust peel-and-stick adhesive that firmly secures the decal to the floor, ensuring it remains in place in high-traffic areas and withstands the rigors of daily operations.
  • Suitable for Various Flooring: The adhesive is designed to adhere effectively to multiple types of flooring, offering flexibility in placement throughout the facility.

Material Durability

  • Durable Flexible Vinyl: Manufactured from high-quality flexible vinyl, this decal is built to last, capable of enduring the constant movement of forklifts and personnel.
  • Safety-Enhancing Surface: Features an anti-slip surface treatment to further ensure the safety of employees and visitors, preventing slip-and-fall accidents in marked zones.

Installation Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation: Clean the intended area thoroughly, removing any dirt, dust, and moisture to ensure the floor is completely dry for the best adhesive results.

  2. Decal Placement: Gently remove the decal from its backing paper. Select a prominent location within forklift traffic areas for optimal visibility and impact.

  3. Secure the Decal: Apply the decal starting from the center, pressing outward to eliminate any air bubbles. Utilize your hands, a credit card, or a squeegee to ensure smooth application and secure the edges firmly to the floor.

  4. Proactive Safety Measures: The decal's clear forklift traffic warning aids in communicating critical safety information, alerting all facility occupants to the presence of forklift operations and enhancing overall safety protocols.

The 18" Forklift Traffic Floor Decal is an indispensable safety tool for any facility operating forklifts. It serves not only as a reminder to maintain vigilance but also helps to organize traffic flow, significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents and ensuring a safer working environment for everyone.

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