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Safety Glasses Required Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouse Safety 18"

Safety Glasses Required Floor Decal for Industrial Warehouse Safety 18"

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18" Safety Glasses Required Floor Decal for Warehouse Safety


Size and Visibility

  • Clear Visual Prompt: With an 18-inch diameter and vibrant, eye-catching design, this decal ensures the message to wear safety glasses is prominent and visible from a distance.
  • Critical Safety Reminder: Placed strategically, it serves as a constant, unmissable reminder to uphold safety standards by wearing protective eyewear.

Application Areas

  • High-Risk Environments: Ideal for areas where eye hazards are present, such as workshops, laboratories, or near machinery that generates particles, sparks, or hazardous light.
  • Mandatory Protection Zones: An essential addition to any space within the warehouse where the risk to eye safety is heightened, reinforcing the importance of using safety glasses.

Adhesive Quality

  • Secure, Permanent Adhesive: Equipped with a strong peel-and-stick adhesive, this decal adheres firmly to the floor, ensuring it stays in place even in high-traffic areas.
  • Broad Compatibility: Its adhesive quality allows for application on various floor types, making it versatile for different locations within the facility.

Material Durability

  • Robust Vinyl Construction: Crafted from durable flexible vinyl, the decal is designed to withstand the wear and tear of daily warehouse activities, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  • Anti-Slip Surface: The decal features an anti-slip surface treatment, enhancing safety by preventing slip-and-fall accidents in the area it is applied.

Installation Instructions

  1. Surface Preparation: Start by cleaning the floor area thoroughly to remove any debris, dust, and moisture. A completely dry surface is crucial for optimal decal adhesion.

  2. Decal Placement: Carefully peel the decal from its backing. Choose a strategic location for the decal where the reminder to wear safety glasses will have the most impact.

  3. Secure the Decal: Press the decal onto the floor, beginning from the center and moving outward to remove air bubbles. For effective application, use your hands, a credit card, or a squeegee, making sure the edges are fully adhered to the floor.

  4. Enhanced Safety Communication: This decal's bold and straightforward message effectively alerts and informs all personnel about the requirement to wear safety glasses, promoting a safer working environment.

The 18" Safety Glasses Required Floor Decal plays a pivotal role in preventing workplace injuries by ensuring that the critical message of eye protection is communicated effectively throughout your warehouse. Its durable design and easy installation process make it an invaluable asset for maintaining high safety standards and protecting your workforce.

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