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Machine Guarding Panel Posts

Machine Guarding Panel Posts

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Key Features:

  • Height Options: Choose from 6' or 8' posts to match your fencing requirements.

  • Application Variety: Select the appropriate post based on your specific needs:

    • Line or Corner Post: Ideal for standard fencing configurations.

      • 6' Height: 13.9 lbs 
      • 8' Height: 21.98 lbs 
    • Adjustable Corner Post: Designed for flexibility in corner installations.

      • 6' Height: 17.94 lbs 
      • 8' Height: 17.13 lbs 
    • Swing Door Post: Perfect for installations with swing doors.

      • 6' Height: 17.95 lbs
      • 8' Height: 20.25 lbs 
    • Slide Door Post: Tailored for slide door applications.

      • 6' Height: 16.21 lbs 
      • 8' Height: 13.18 lbs

Customization Options:

  • Tailor to Your Needs: Choose the post that best suits your specific application, whether it's a standard fence, corner installation, swing door, or slide door.

Velox Posts provide the durability and flexibility you need for your fencing project. Make your choice today and secure your space with reliable and versatile fencing solutions.

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